Feed Technology International Forum

At present, feed industry is developing rapidly in China, facing both opportunities and challenges. In order to break through the insufficience of traditional development and unsustainable extensive growth, feed revolution of technology and industry are on the rise in China. On the one hand, feed technology in China is progressing towards no-antibiotics, environmental protection and intelligent processing. On the other hand, strengthening economic and trade cooperation with the rest of world: the business opportunities of "going out" and "bringing in" have injected new momentum into the development of the industry.

For all this, on the occasion of VIV China 2018, "Feed Technology International Forum" will be held on 15th-17th September 2018 in Nanjing. The aim is to strengthen the communication of feed nutrition technology and business at home and abroad, and work together to solve the difficult problems which restricts the development of current industry. Read below on speakers and topics organized.

Date:  September 15-17, 2018 
Venue:  Nanjing International Expo Center, Hall 3 
Guiding Unit:  National Animal Husbandry Station 
Supporters:  VNU Exhibitions Europe
Beijing Taike Convention and Exhibition Center
New Feed Media
Feed and Husbandry Magazine 
Special Supported Unit:  GMP + International
Beijing Feed Industry Association
Canada-China Agricultural Association (CCAA) 

Registration fee: 1,800 yuan / person, excluding transportation and accommodation costs. Graduate students with student id card, 1,000 yuan/person.
Beneficiary Name:  北京天可瀚传媒科技有限公司
Account No.:       11006 0435 0180 1001 2233
Name of Bank:      交通银行北京农科院支行
Contact: Huo Yanjun (+86 13998118252); Zhang Ruishuang (+86 15940538221); E-mail:
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Theme: Technology leading Feed world

Resource Utilization
Evaluation system of nutritive value in feedstuffs
Utilization of unconventional agricultural by products as feed resources
Metabolic transformation of nutrient and new progress in regulation mechanism
Mould contamination and preventive measures of feedstuffs 

Antibiotic Substitution

Intestinal health and nutritional regulation strategy
Disease-resistant nutrition and productive potentiality
Development and application of antibiotics substitutes

Feed safety
International feed safety standard and feed supply chain safety system
Feedstuff safety database
Ensuring the globalization of feed safety

Development and application of novel biotechnology for improving the quality and efficiency of feed
Evaluation system and development trends of biological feed 
Precise application and healthy breeding of biological feed

Intelligent Machine
Innovation energy conservation and environmental protection of Intelligent factory
Heat loss law and fidelity technology of heat sensitive feedstuff
Core process of feed processing in low starch formula
Upgrading and rebuilding of automatic control system for feed production line

Environmental Protection
Interpretation of environmental policies and environmental standards
Development and application of environment-friendly feed
Animal precision nutrition and reduce nitrogen emissions in livestock wastes

International Trade
Analysis of policies and regulations on import and export in feed industry
Cooperation situation and market opportunities of “going out” in Chinese feed brands
Practical experience sharing of foreign trade enterprises