With this edition of GPGS, VIV Qingdao is committed to working with our partners to build the most influential global technology and business communication platform in the field of pig breeding in the world, and to provide international cutting-edge technology and solutions for China’s pig breeding industry.
Our focus is on sharing knowledge and experience in the field of global pig genetics-breeding; seizing opportunities, meeting challenges and cooperating with global leaders, scientific research institutions and government organizations for future development in the whole pork industry chain.

Venue: Westin West Coast, Qingdao China
Date: September 16-18, 2021
Organizers: VIV Qingdao & Agri-Intelligence Consulting

The Summit will be conducted in English thus giving our international audiences an opportunity to participate from remote via online streaming.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Snow Bai, Conference & Event Manager
Tel: +86 21 6195 3509; Mob:+86 139 1737 2737; E-mail: snow.bai@vnuexhibitions.com.cn


  • Direct trading business
  • Connect with influential leaders that are making an impact around the country
  • Expand knowledge, identify opportunities and share new solutions in a 3-day program of unique learning sections with interactive communications between speakers and audiences
  • Spark your innovative ideas with leading academic research
  • Global sharing platform for whole pork chain insights
  • Discover how the pig breeding sector will respond to the new situation and figure out the strategies to ‘stay ahead of the curve’.
  • In 2020, more than 330 industry leaders from 12 different countries attended the summit.


List of speakers and moderators:

September 16, 2021

Mr. Jeff Zhou, Chief Representative, CIWF; Ms. Berry Wang, Organizer, GPGS; Ms. Pan Chenjun, Executive Director, Rabo Research Food & Agribusiness of Rabobank; Mr. Zhang Yan, Cargill China; Dr. Shao Guoqing, Professor, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Dr. Martien Groenen, Professor Animal Breeding and Genetics, Wageningen University; Dr. Yangbin Gao, Executive Director of Research, Qihan Biotech

September 17, 2021

Section 1 – Breeding & Feeding
Dr. Guo Pengfei, Technical Director of Pig feed, Cargill China; Mr. Jørgen Lindberg, CEO, Lianyungang Dan Yu Pig Breeding Technology Co. Ltd & Scandinavian Farms Pig Industries Ltd.; Chris Opschoor, Manager Global Nutrition Services, TOPIGS NROSVIN; Ms Peng Fengzhen, Technical Manager of Farm Solutions, Cargill China; Mr. Li Jialian, President, Guangxi Guigang Xiubo Gene Technology Co. Ltd.; Mr Gao Jianfeng, Commercial Director of Southern China, Cargill

Section 2 – Data & Communication
Dr. Zhang Jia, Co-founder, Wepig; Dr. Liu Jianfeng, Professor, Animal Genetics and Breeding College of Animal Science and Technology China Agricultural University; Ms Feng Yingchun, Chief Data Officer, Guangdong Tiannong Food Co. Ltd.; Mr. Patrick Jenneskens, Data & Technology Manager BU Swine, Hendrix Genetics; Mr. Marc Cox, Founder & General Manager, Agrisyst, Dr. Abe Huisman, Director R&D BU Swine Hendrix Genetics

Section 3 – Nutrition & Health
Dr. Wu Hua, Senior Product Manaher, Zoetics China; Dr. Wang Dapeng, Nutrition Consultant, Cargill China; Mr. Jeffen Chen, Vice President, Huanshan Group; Dr. Filip Van Immerseel, Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University; Dr. Wu Yanan, Technical Service Director, Cargill

September 18, 2021

Section 4 – Genetic Technology & Development
Dr. Ma Guojia, General Manager, Genetics Department, COFCO Meat Holding; Dr. Boyu Ji, Digital Innovation Scientist, PIC; Dr. Egbert Knol, Research Director, TOPIGS NORSVIN; Dr. Chad Bierman, Geneticist, Genesus Inc.; Mr. Cyril Le Moal, Breeding Technical Director, AXIOM; Dr. Johan van Arendonk, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Hendrix Genetics

Section 5 – Training & Education
Mr. Lixian Wang, Researcher & Ph.D Supervisor, Beijing Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Monita Mo, Chairwoman, BCG; Dr. Jan Merks, Chief Geneticist, BCG; Dr. David S. Casey, Asia Product Performance Director, PIC; Yao Jun, President, Changrong Agricultural Technology; Dr. Wang Yanan, General Manager, Shanghai Xinnong Science & Technology NSR

Session 6 – Breeding for Future
Dr. Xi Shengsong, Associate Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University; Dr. Jenelle Dunkelberge, Geneticist, TOPIGS VORVIN; Dr. Liu Hongbo, Co-Founder & CSO, Henan Siowio Technology Co. Ltd.; Mr. Jim Long, President & CEO, Genesus Inc; Dr. Emily Miller, Product Manager, BU Swine Hendrix Genetics


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