[News from GFP, a conference partner of VIV Qingdao 2020]

As demand for cage-free eggs grows,  Indonesia-based Training Center to provide Asian farmers with training and tools to ensure long-term sustainability and competitive business advantage.

Singapore – Multinational consulting firm Global Food Partners (GFP) and Aeres University of Applied Sciences (Aeres) have announced a partnership to establish an Indonesia-based training center and model cage-free egg farm focused on management and production for Asian farmers.

Global Food Partners, a Singapore-based supply chain consulting firm, and Aeres, a leading agricultural university based in the Netherlands, recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to bring together egg producers and other industry stakeholders to improve the longterm sustainability and competitiveness of the egg industry in Asia. The Center will provide practical training in best practices in cage-free management and production, and serve as a model farm for cage-free producers, and a research and development center.

“Producers in Asia are witnessing quickly-expanding market opportunities in cage-free egg production and benefit from localized, hands-on training to support their transition to cage-free systems,” said Elissa Lane, GFP’s Chief Executive Officer. “The current global crisis has also resulted in greater industry focus on improved biosecurity and health management practices on-farm, which can have a drastic impact on public health. We’re thrilled to partner with AERES and other industry experts to equip farmers with these necessary skills and ensure their long-term success in cage-free egg production in the region.”

“The agricultural sector is not only one of the oldest known to humankind, but has also always been a very dynamic and innovative sector. The worldwide cage-free transition is an example of the dynamics seen in the livestock sector,” said Jasper Heerkens, researcher and lecturer in poultry at Aeres. “At Aeres we want to contribute to a healthy livestock sector which produces and distributes food in a sustainable way, with opportunities and respect for people, animals and nature, and
improve the quality of life. To achieve this, skilled, flexible and enterprising professionals with a balance between economical, ecological and social interests are needed.”


For additional information, please contact:
Jayasimha Nuggehalli, Global Food Partners, at +65 8716 0470 or j.nuggehalli@globalfoodpartners.com
Jasper Heerkens, Aeres University of Applied Sciences, at +31 88 020 6025 or j.heerkens@aeres.nl

Global Food Partners:
Global Food Partners is a multinational consulting firm that works with food businesses to develop, implement and maintain high animal welfare responsible sourcing goals, with a focus on cage-free eggs in Asia, as well as egg producers and suppliers to provide technical expertise and support in the transition to best practice cage-free production. https://globalfoodpartners.com/

The AERES GROUP is a versatile education and research institution in the green sector, providing regular education (TVET, Bachelor and Master), applied research and innovation and commercial (learning) activities for individuals and businesses, and operates worldwide. The team of lecturers and experts from Aeres that will be involved in this project are engaged within the Dutch based Poultry Expertise Centre. The Poultry Expertise Centre (PEC) focuses on the development and diffusion of knowledge and innovations, to deal with problems and opportunities faced by the international poultry. https://www.aeres.eu/