15:00 15:10   Opening Remarks by Moderator

Allen Shu, Managing Editor of AgriPost

15:10 15:50   How Corona is affecting the Global Food supply and the role of digital technology to address the challenge

Aidan Connolly, CEO of Cainthus; President of AgriTech Capital;

Former Chief Innovation Officer of Alltech 

15:50 16:30  The value and solution of swine farm digitalization

Dr. Nie Zhidong, Marketing Director, Smart Animal Husbandry Company

16:30 17:10   Smarter Layer in China

Liu Aiqiao, Vice President of Beijing WOD Chen-long Biotechnology Co., Ltd.;

CEO of Beijing WOD Bo-chuang Information Technology Co., Ltd.;

Deputy Director of Beijing Engineering Technology Center of Layer.

17:10 17:30   Q&A

17:30 17:35   Closing by Moderator

Speakers Info

舒全登 Allen Shu

Allen Shu is Managing Editor of AgriPost, a digital media and network for China’s animal protein community, and is well acquainted with the sector in the country. He started his career from Singapore-based agribusiness media Asian Agribiz in 2005, after graduating from the China Agricultural University with a major in animal science.

Two years after that, Allen moved to China’s leading financial newswires including those affiliated to Xinhua Finance, Caijing Magazine and China Business News (CBN) successively, where he obtained expertise on financials and sharpened his reporting skills, before rejoining the Asian Agribiz team in early 2016.

He was a managing editor of Pig International China Magazine, a publication with the WATT Global Media of the US, before starting his AgriPost journey in late 2018.


Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly is CEO of Cainthus, an Irish artificial intelligence company, using computer vision to monitor animals. Cainthus’ combines unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge innovation, to passively monitor cows, other livestock, and farm management practices 24/7, alerting the farmer when it matters most.

Aidan is also president of AgriTech Capital, a new company in the field of advisory investment and development of ventures in agriculture, focused on both start-ups and existing traditional business development. He has worked with several Governments and leading food companies on agtech policy.

He is the author of the recently launched strategic business planning book, “2-1-4-3.”

Aidan Connolly graduated with a Master’s in International Marketing from the Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland. He previously worked with Alltech for more than 25 years, initially in Ireland, and then based in France, Brazil and the United States.  He has travelled for business to over 100 countries including most recently extensively in China.  From 2002 until 2008, Connolly held the position of Vice President of Alltech Europe, then to Washington DC as VP of Corporate Accounts.  As Chief Innovation Officer, Connolly was responsible for the commercialization of Alltech’s global research in addition to continuing corporate account strategy within Alltech.

His expertise is in branding, agriculture and international marketing. Connolly is an adjunct professor of marketing at University College Dublin and visiting professor at the China Agricultural University. He is a former member of the boards of IFIF, NPP, NCC, FEFANA, and a Fellow of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA). Aidan is also a member and regular contributor of the Forbes Technology Council.

Connolly speaks regularly, appearing at up to 50 conferences annually on the future of food, agriculture and agri-technologies.


刘爱巧 Liu Aiqiao

Liu Aiqiao,researcher for agricultural technology promotion, is the vice president of Beijing WOD Chen-long Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the CEO of Beijing WOD Bo-chuang Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the deputy director of Beijing Engineering Technology Center of Layer.

She was selected as one of the talents of “Top 100 leading talents incubating project” and the “High level innovation and entrepreneurship project” of Beijing Science and Technology Committee. She was awarded the “Capital Labor Medal” as well.

She has held over 4 high-level research projects, including National 863 Projects, National Science and Technology Support Plan and Beijing Science and Technology Plan, and has participated in more than 10 national and provincial-level research projects. She has won two second prizes of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award and two first prizes of Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion Award.

Seizing the development opportunities of traditional industry created by internet, she led the team to explore the application solutions of digital agricultural technology integration and industrialization pattern, pioneered the trade platform for layer industry though “Smarter Layer” application, promoted the transformation of traditional layer industry with internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.


聂志东 Dr. Nie Zhidong

Ph.D from China Agricultural University and Agricultural-Agri Food Canada

MBA from University College London and Peking University

Over 10 years working experience of marketing strategy, product innovation and campaign management in animal nutrition industry. Currently working in industry leading swine farms digital solution company as the Marketing and Product Director.

2009-2017 Strategic Marketing Manager, Cargill Animal Nutrition, China.

2017-2019 Strategic Marketing manager, Novus International Ltd., Northeast Asia.

2019-Now Marketing Director, Smart Animal Husbandry Company

Ms. Well Hao
Sales Director


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Mob: +86 1352 4689 191

Ms. Vicky Chen
International Sales Manager (Overseas show)

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