Stakeholders in China’s dairy industry are “super busy” during the novel coronavirus epidemic. There are a lot of online brainstorming, training, seminars, and meetings in recent weeks. KOLs, experts, dairy groups, farmers, suppliers, and organizations gather together to analyze the current situations, main challenges, solutions, and future trends in the dairy industry. Here are six trends summarized from the discussions:

Trend 1: Dairy companies will strengthen the e-commerce strategy and “smart logistics”
Trend 2: More investment in the development of functional dairy products and market expansion
Trend 3: Online services for dairy farms become more popular
Trend 4: “Collective Dairy Business” connects stakeholders in the dairy industry to create values together
Trend 5: Supply chains in China should become more “smart”
Trend 6: Fresh Milk vending machines to serve the “last mile” consumers

Article source & picture: Agripost