At VIV China, Meyn presents 15,000 bph solutions which lead to lower cost per bird and therefore increases profitability.

For Chinese poultry processors the future looks bright. In the first place because the consumption per capita of poultry meat has increased. And secondly because it is likely that the import of poultry meat will decrease.

Another opportunity for the poultry industry is the trend to replace the wet market of yellow birds and layers by modern processing plants. For these birds where flock uniformity is usually less consistent Meyn offers solutions which can handle the widest weight range in the industry and still meet the quality and yield requirements.

Although wages are consistently increasing, it is the availability of labor which is the biggest challenge for Chinese poultry processors. In the last decade Meyn has started to transform huge cut-up and deboning areas, where hundreds of people used to work, into fully automated departments.

Innovations for live bird handling to chilling at 15,000 bph.

Meyn is very proud that this year alone, 3 new factories will be commissioned at 15,000 bph. To be able to run at 15,000 bph and still meet the optimal performance figures it is necessary to innovate several processing steps. Our new 240o evisceration solutions guarantee superior product and food safety.

Other innovations which Meyn would like to highlight in China are the new Meyn Grande drawer system, the Meyn Carousel rehanger M2.0 and the Meyn Line weigher M2.0.

Upgraded cut up and deboning solutions with the highest yield.

The Meyn Physic and Flex M3.0 cut up lines are updated to seamlessly integrate with high speed lines. The Physic line M3.0 offers maximum flexibility and can be configured to situation-specific requirements in terms of product type, quantity, quality and flexibility. 

The new Meyn Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.1 has an upgraded capacity of 7,000 breasts caps / front halves per hour. At the same time the footprint is significantly reduced by almost a fifth.

About VIV China 2018

VIV China is the most important poultry industry show in China. Commenting on the importance of VIV China, Su Jiangang, General Manager Meyn China, says: “Our customers need poultry processing solutions at high speeds with an impeccable quality. That is why we are excited to present our next generation solutions at VIV China. We provide powerful 15,000 bph processing solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership. Furthermore, we like to emphasize our After Sales proposition.”

Meyn welcomes all guests to VIV China 2018 at Nanjing International Expo Centre (NIEC) in Hall 4, at booth B038.