VIV Select China 2024 will be held from September 5-7, 2024 at Nanjing International Expo Center, with an expected exhibition space of 40,000 sqm, over 500 exhibitors and 30,000+ professional visitors. VIV Select China focuses on breeding and hatching, feed and feed additives, feed processing, veterinary vaccine and animal protection products, biological safety and control, farmhouse construction and breeding equipment and animal waste treatment equipment for pork, poultry, milk and aquatic products. More than 20 forums and international interactive events will be held during the show, with the international keynote speakers exceeding 40% of the total speakers.

VIV Select China 2024 will continue to focus on trade services, optimize online business matching services throughout the year, and organize high-quality domestic and international buyer groups for special interaction.

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A proven record in China

VIV Select China is the sole and only successor of the previous VIV Nanjing and VIV China event, held since 2000 by VIV in China. China is a huge and complex market, which deserves full dedication and event execution by national professionals. VNU Exhibitions Asia and the VIV Chinese team in Shanghai, with the full support of VNU Europe, connects you with your desired professionals in pork, poultry, egg, dairy and fish production.

Exhibitor profiles

Feed & Feed Ingredients
Feed Additives
Feed Milling Equipment
Bio-products (Vaccine, Veterinary drugs,  etc.)
Veterinary equipment / Protective equipment
Veterinary drug production and packaging equipment
Breeding / Hatching
Breeding/ Hatching equipment
Housing design & construction
Farm and Feeding Equipment
Environmental control equipment ( Ventilation, Temperature, etc.)

Lighting Equipment
Processing equipment & Accessories for farming
Slaughtering & Meat / Egg Processing & Handling
Logistics / Refrigeration / Package
Premium Livestock Products
Laboratory Testing Equipment and Services
IT & Automation Services
Waste Treatment Equipment & Bio-energy Technology
Aquaculture Farming Technology & Equipment
Ruminant Farming Technology & Equipment
Media/ Education/ Consultancy

Visitor profiles

Integrated company
Producer/ Manufacturer  (Feed/ Animal health/ Farm and processing equipment etc.)
Distributor/ Dealer (Feed/ Animal health/ Farm and processing equipment etc.)
Breeding and Hatching
Slaughtering House
Meat/Egg/Milk – Processing / Handling company


Food wholesale trader/ Supermarket/ Chain restaurants
Packaging / Logistics / Refrigeration company
Laboratory Testing Equipment and Services
IT & Automation Service Provider
Financial services / Insurance company
Education / Consultancy / Testing institutions
Government / Association institutions

Nanjing International Expo Center

No. 300 Middle Jiangdong Road

Jianye District, NanjingJiangsu Province, China

September 5-7, 2024

Opening hours
September 5: 10:00-17:00
September 6: 10:00-17:00
September 7: 10:00-17:00

(The entry of visitors ends at 12:00)