The voices of China’s Animal Husbandry Industry

With the effective control of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, China’s animal husbandry industry is essentially back to work and production. In these exceptional times, VIV QINGDAO interviewed some well-known domestic animal husbandry companies about various perspectives, such as business development, trade strategy, industry growth and problem solving experiences in this epidemic. Let’s take a look at what the Chinese animal husbandry leaders share with their overseas industry colleagues.

Company: Centree Bio-Tech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd
Interviewee: Ms. Sunny Xiong
Position: General Manager

I would like to share some experiences from our company. Centree Bio-Tech is a feed additive manufacturer with three plants, all located in Hubei and Wuhan. On February 22nd, our company was the first to have passed the application for returning to work in the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone. The animal husbandry industry has advanced experience in controlling the ASF, so when the COVID-19 outbreak came, we only needed to update and re-optimize the entire process. 

Led by the general manager, we established a control team first. Each department manager defined the duties assigned to every employee in order to guarantee the safety of all the employees and each batch of products. Meanwhile, we established a supervisory committee to supervise the work of the leading group. 

1)         Reoptimize the manual and the automated disinfection channels, and formulate a relevant liability and defense system. 

2)         Motivate all employees to purchase disinfection equipment and materials through various channels.

3)         Formulate and implement a special control line and system to logistics drivers, materials and internal staff.

4)         Actively carry out online work, such as live broadcasting, online meetings, training and customer visits, etc. Actively handle vehicle passes after returning to work and deliver goods to customers through various logistics channels regardless of cost.