Build my feedmill

Feed machinery technologies and feed mill process

‘Build my Feedmill’ provides an opportunity for suppliers of feed manufacturers with advanced equipment and other services, to explain the most technically-advanced machine and why it offers advantages in the feed production line.

Organizer: Milling and Grain, VIV worldwide, Milling 4 Life



September 17, 2020


Meeting Room 210, Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition, Qingdao



English and Chinese






There are just 11 speaking positions available in this 2-hour ‘Build myFeedmill’ session.

Each company participating will have the opportunity to address the audience in a short and sharp, 10-minute presentation (using no more than six slides) to highlight the advances of this piece of equipment’s operation. Presentations will be ordered and follow a typical feedmill flow diagram. At the end of the 2-hour session there will be a short 10-minute Q&A Session, which all 11 presenters will be expected to participate in.



If you wish to take up one of the 11 speaking spots, please respond to Snow Bai, Assistant Conference and Event Manager, VIV Qingdao at: snow.bai@vnuexhibitions.com.cn.

Please include in your email:
1) The name of the equipment;
2) A photo of the equipment and
3) A 20-word description of the equipment.

Please also send the name of the speaker and their title and company name along with a head-shoulders picture and your company logo.

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