Feeding Today’ High Performing Animals Safe and Sound


15:00 – 15:10    Opening remarks by MC

MC: Ina Enting, Asian Director, Netherlands Agro & Food Technology Centre (NAFTC); CEO of DMFC

15:10 – 15:40    Feed Safety: A Prerequisite to Healthier Animals and Safer Food

Johan Den Hartog, Managing Director of GMP+ International

15:40 – 16:10    How animal proteins improve the gut health of young piglets, and reduce the dependence on antimicrobials

Dr. Lourens Heeres, Manager Global Technical Support, Sonac (Darling Ingredients Inc.)

16:10 – 16:40   Igf-1 Level in Pigs. The Backbone of Multiple Physiological and Vital Processes

Karel Grootaers, Product Manager of Lianol® for Ardol BV

16:40 – 17:00  New insights in dietary control of post weaning piglets under the ban of in-feed antibiotics

Guan Xiaonan, Swine Researcher, Schothorst Feed Research

17:00 – 17:25    Q&A session

17:25 – 17:30    Closing



Ina Enting 

Asian Director, Netherlands Agro & Food Technology Centre (NAFTC);


Dr. Ina Enting is an expert and a consultant on the operations and competitiveness of the livestock production chains, at national and international levels. Her main fields of expertise  comprise, but are not limited to: Animal health management, Production performance and efficiency, Slaughtering and quality control, Market access, and International trade. In this capacity, she gave many lectures and trainings with regard to her outstanding knowledge of these fields. She is a recognized leader in the pork and poultry sectors. After two years working for Wageningen UR in China, she started her own company in 2010 in Beijing, bridging Sino-Dutch business in agro-food (DMFC Beijing). DMFC Beijing has its main office in Beijing and satellite offices in Shanghai and The Netherlands.


Our leading position needs a strong public/private network to maintain this position. To capture the opportunities in the most important agriculture production and food processing countries in the world, the public/private Netherlands Agro & Food Technology Centre (NAFTC) was first set up in China in 2008, then in India and Vietnam in the later years. NAFTC is the association representing the Dutch enterprises in this field. NAFTC facilitates collective sector promotion and business development for its members. In China, NAFTC is operating through its Beijing-based office, DMFC, for the livestock, meat, feed and potato sectors. As the central platform for agro-food, NAFTC China responds to requests for information, technology or knowledge about Dutch agriculture and food. Please contact us for sector or company information, Chinese agriculture delegations and training trips to The Netherlands and Sino-Dutch company matchmaking. We will connect you to relevant Dutch companies. 

Johan Den Hartog

Managing Director of GMP+ International

Managing Director of GMP+ International since 2010, an organization with almost 70% of the feed safety certification market share worldwide and almost 20,000 members. Mr. Den Hartog was previously the Secretary General of Product Board Animal Feed for 21 Years. His experience in policy making, project management regarding feed safety assurance, environmental issues, training, education, working conditions and scientific research related to animal nutrition.

He Finished Agriculture Engineering and Masters in Business Administration.

GMP+ International

GMP+ International is the owner and manager of GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) and GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA) scheme. Currently, we are the largest feed safety certification scheme in the world with more than 18,400 certified companies and more than 26,000 certificates in whole feed supply chain. 

Dr. Lourens Heeres

Manager Global Technical Support, Sonac (Darling Ingredients Inc.)

Veterinary specialist and PhD in food and feed safety.  

With a career in research and the food industry. Since 2015 he gives global support and assistance in the company and to customers with regard to bio-safety and bio-functionality of the feed and pet food ingredients produced by Darling Ingredients. Blood products (spray-dried plasma and hemoglobin) have the main focus. 

Sonac (Darling Ingredients Inc.)

With over 200 processing plants on five continents and sales and distribution offices throughout the world, Darling Ingredients serves the agri-food industry and reduce food waste by collecting and repurposing animal-based co-products and other natural materials that would otherwise be discarded. Darling convert these into unique and valuable ingredients that fit market demands. This way Darling connects global supply and demand and contributes to a circular economy. Sonac is part of Darling Ingredients that produces proteins and fats for animal feed ingredients. This includes plasma and hemoglobin products for application in pig, poultry and aqua feed. These blood products are produced on 4 continents, Asia (China), North America (USA), Europe and Australia. Plasma proteins has biofunctional properties that support the health of young animals.

Karel Grootaers

Product Manager of Lianol® for Ardol BV

Obtained his master degree in veterinarian science at Ghent University (Belgium) in 2007. Has been a practical veterinarian in the field for over 8 years specialised in ruminants in France and Israel. Joined Ardol BV in 2015 and has been responsible since for the technical background of the product and the scientific trials

Ardol BV

Who we are: Ardol bv is a fast-growing company with activities all over the world. We work in close cooperation with our partners. Ardol focuses on the development, production and marketing of new, innovative animal health products. These provide proven, value-added solutions. Ardol is a privatly owned Dutch company and has its offices in Susteren, the Netherlands. It is proud of and sees carefully to its outstanding reputation.

What we do: Ardol is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw materials, additives and feed supplements for the agricultural sector. Ardol is specialized in the development of natural additives and complementary feed for pigs, poultry and ruminants. 100% Ardol – All our expertise is 100% Ardol’s. This applies to the development of our additives, animal feeds, and supplements. The research, analyses, trials and production take place in close cooperation with our partners.”

Our vision: Ardol’s expertise consists of developing close and long-term partnerships with our customers. Those are the feed industry as well as veterinarians and agricultural end-users. We do this by supplying products with added value and by focusing on the needs and demands of our individual customers. We are able to do this with the help of the extensive knowledge and experience of our employees.

Our mission: We work hard to establish the added value of LIANOL on the national and international markets. ARDOL BV and its partners are convinced they can make the sector more sustainable with the help of LIANOL, both in the short and long term. In the short term, we wish to further support the existing national and international approach of reducing pre-weaning mortality. A reduced loss of piglets will lead to a reduced culling of sows. Piglet mortality has become a major selection criterion for the culling of sows. It will allow for the same number of piglets to be produced with fewer sows. The sustainability of the animals and the sector in general will increase. In the long term this will help in making the sector more profitable and in restoring consumer confidence in the end-product.

Our biggest motivation, in addition to creating national and international brand awareness, is to convince the sector of our mission described above. The idea that a proper preparation for weaning starts at the moment of birth should be generally accepted. The period from being conceived (insemination) up to 14 days after weaning is the determining and most important period in the life cycle of a pig. If a pig is supported in the right way during this period then you will always end up with a profitable piglet.

Guan Xiaonan

Swine Researcher, Schothorst Feed Research

Xiaonan has joined Schothorst Feed Research in the Netherlands as swine researcher about six years ago, after she obtained the Master degree of Animal Science in Wageningen University.  She has been leading or involved in different swine research projects of different categories including piglets, growing pigs and sows. She is also conducting a PhD program in Animal Science Group of Wageningen University.

Schothorst Feed Research

We develop nutritional knowledge and, together with our clients, implement this knowledge into new, innovative animal feed concepts. With this approach, we have become the foundation for many innovations in animal nutrition and contribute to improving the market position of our clients.

We possess extensive knowledge of:

  • feed evaluation
  • nutritional requirements of high-yielding animals
  • digestive physiology
  • feedstuff quality
  • quality management

We gain our knowledge of the global animal feed industry at our state-of-the art research facility in Lelystad, the Netherlands. Together with our clients, we use this knowledge to create customized advice. We have developed ourselves into a reliable partner for leading feed producers around the world.

Ms. Well Hao
Sales Director


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International Sales Manager (Overseas show)

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