As a newly launched grand event of the 2021 edition, VIV Qingdao Direct Procurement Fair will boost the effective interaction between exhibitors and core buyers. This event, with the purpose of promoting trade, will invite buyers with real purchasing demand and bulk buying ability to ignite their buying enthusiasm and improve the rate of deal conclusion at the exhibition in September.

Time: September 15-17, 2021
Venue: Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition (Concurrent with VIV QINGDAO 2021)


July: Participating enterprises submit relevant materials online

July-September 12: Promote special offers of participating enterprises through all channels, and interact with target buyers online and offline

September 15-17: Buyers go to the exhibition onsite (Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition) and place purchasing orders

Note: This event is only open to exhibitors of VIV QINGDAO with the deadline for submission of materials as July 31, 2021.

Means of Participation

  • Participating enterprises decide the kind of special offer they would want to avail such as general coupons (1000 rmb deduction for actual payment over 10,000 rmb for the first 100 orders), discounts for specified products (85% off for on-site orders) or free service and free design fees for on-site orders, etc.;
  • Participating enterprises need to provide HD pictures and introductions of their products or featured products;
  • All graphic materials shall be submitted online through the “Exhibitor Center” of VIV QINGDAO.


Core Benefits to Participating Enterprises:

  • Effectively lock in real buyers: special offers will be offered to targeted customers to gradually build an effective connection between suppliers and buyers;
  • Direct conclusion of actual transactions: all coupons can be only used on the exhibition site in September for the sole purpose of concluding transactions;
  • More publicity and exposure: support for promotion and exposure from various online channels, printed materials and the exhibition sites from July to September;
  • Expand connections in the industry: attract buyers to the exhibition site for face-to-face communication with suppliers.


Dafeng Poultry of 

Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd.

Zhengda Livestock Co., Ltd.

(Charoen Pokphand Group)

Guangxi Yangxiang Co., Ltd.


Rongda Livestock and Poultry Co., Ltd

Haikou Agriculture & Industry &Trade (Luoniushan) Co., Ltd.

Nedap China Ltd.



Zhengbang Group

Huanshan Group

Yurun Group of Jiangsu

Rongcheng Bohai Poultry Industry Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Longwo Fengming Poultry Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Huamei Livestock and Poultry Co., Ltd.

Shandong Longda Meat Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Yunken Animal Husbandry (Group) Co., Ltd.  

Shandong Newhope Liuhe Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Dafaun Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Tianzow Breeding Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

DaChan Food (Asia) Limited

Fangzheng Feed

Muyuan Food Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Jinlong Breeding Co., Ltd.

Trouw Nutrition China

China Sinopharm International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Twins Group Co., Ltd.

Tyson Foods Inc.

Henan United Yingwei Feed Co., Ltd.

Weifang Chunfeng Feed Co., Ltd.

Henan Julong Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Dabeinong Pig Breeding Technology Co., Ltd.

Cao County Weilin Breeding Cooperative