The voices of China’s Animal Husbandry Industry

With the effective control of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, China's animal husbandry industry is essentially back to work and production. In these exceptional times, VIV QINGDAO interviewed some well-known domestic animal husbandry companies about various perspectives, such as business development, trade strategy, industry growth and problem solving experiences in this epidemic. Let’s take a look at what the Chinese animal husbandry leaders share with their overseas industry colleagues.

Company: Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product Co., Ltd..
Interviewee: Bonnie Li
Position: General Manager of International Business Department

What do you think of the new challenges for the animal husbandry from the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic to the present stage? In what way will it influence the strategies in China and overseas market?

In the outbreak of COVID19, the agriculture and feed husbandry industry began to broadcast live on various platforms, and the industry leaders also began sharing ideas and technologies on their platforms. Before, our industry was lacking effective means of information transmission, product updates, promotion policies and it was difficult to convey consumers the first time. This epidemic has given us new possibilities and means, it’s a new way of doing things.

At present, China’s animal husbandry has basically returned to work and production, what valuable experiences can you share with domestic and foreign counterparts?

First of all, enterprises should establish optimized workflows, a good prevention and control safety network, and improve the epidemic prevention and control measures and emergency plans. Use all kinds of network platforms to carry out popular science propaganda and industry guidance.

In the current situation, many agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises are actively attracting talent to support the resumption of production. Do you have any new deployment in the talent strategy? What kind of talents are urgently needed?

The development of the modern animal husbandry depends on science and technology. We should focus on the introduction of scientific and technological innovation talent, scientific and technological popularization talent and management talent. At the same time, Lachance will rely on major projects, key disciplines and scientific research bases to increase production (Bile Acids), research and personnel training.