The voices of China’s Animal Husbandry Industry

With the effective control of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, China's animal husbandry industry is essentially back to work and production. In these exceptional times, VIV QINGDAO interviewed some well-known domestic animal husbandry companies about various perspectives, such as business development, trade strategy, industry growth and problem solving experiences in this epidemic. Let’s take a look at what the Chinese animal husbandry leaders share with their overseas industry colleagues.

Company: Shanghai Chinafil Environment Technology Co.,Ltd
Interviewee: Mr. Qin Chong
Position: Product Director

In the past few years, Chinafil has provided a more professional whole package scheme of ANTIBIO breeding air filtration systems for several breeding owners. From inspection, design, construction, verification and delivery, providing refined operation management in the whole process. This is a useful supplement of EPC general contracting, more accurately and quickly implementing the ANTIBIO aquaculture air filter system, improving and refining the industry chain of the aquaculture sector, and providing an example for the cost optimization and efficiency improvement of the owner and EPC general contracting.