The voices of China’s Animal Husbandry Industry

With the effective control of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, China’s animal husbandry industry is essentially back to work and production. In these exceptional times, VIV QINGDAO interviewed some well-known domestic animal husbandry companies about various perspectives, such as business development, trade strategy, industry growth and problem solving experiences in this epidemic. Let’s take a look at what the Chinese animal husbandry leaders share with their overseas industry colleagues.

Company: Zhejiang Huijia Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
Interviewee: Liu Jinsong
Position: President

What do you think of the new challenges for the animal husbandry from the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic to the present stage? In what way will it influence the strategies in China and overseas market?

  1. Consumption is seriously hindered, poultry breeding enterprises are losing money and the demand of the whole industry is declining;
  2. The global trade is blocked and the supply chain is interrupted. It leads to the price rise of raw materials for animal husbandry and the increasing of breeding cost.
  3. The introduction of breeding species is blocked and the domestic production performance declined.
  4. It will promote the development of Chinese breeding enterprises and promote China’s thinking on the choice diversification of raw materials such as soybean meal and fish meal.

In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, the animal husbandry industry shows new vitality. What do you think of the future developments and changes? Which trends will be more obvious?

  1. Enterprises with an integrated industrial chain have stronger ability to avertrisks. In the future, the trend of an industrial chain will become stronger.
  2. The concentration degree of breeding end and supporting enterprises will be further improved.

At present, China’s animal husbandry has basically returned to work and production, what valuable experiences can you share with domestic and foreign counterparts?

  1. Pay high attention to biosafety, employees safety;
  2. Simplify the supply chain and extend business width and depth;
  3. Optimize internal management;

In the current situation, many agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises are actively attracting talent to support the resumption of production. Do you have any new deployment in the talent strategy? What kind of talents are urgently needed?

  1. In addition to the necessary hiring, it is more about working with industry talents in various flexible forms.
  2. Compound talents are greatly needed.
  3. The construction of employees’ executive ability is becoming more and more important.

After the global pandemic eases, mainly in the second half of this year, will the market demand for products and technologies increase substantially?

  1. Immune-boosting drugs and traditional Chinese medicine will be valued and favored more;
  2. Take advantage of the company’s R&D and production advantages, increase the construction of the supply chain, and accelerate the construction of a one-stop product service provider.