May 11, 2020

During 20 years of presence in China, VIV has served more than 5,000 exhibitors and welcomed over 350,000 visitors in total. With its dedicated Feed to Food concept, VIV in China attracts not only Chinese visitors but also international key buyers and market leaders. VIV Qingdao is now held on a yearly basis which makes it an even stronger international platform in the industry.

VIV in China 20 Years Campaign Celebrating its 20 years of networking and business in China in 2020, VIV takes this great opportunity to carry out a tailored program that increases the participation value for both exhibitors and visitors at this very special edition of the show. Alongside the VIV Qingdao trade platform, a comprehensive 20 Years Campaign will give voice to the show attendees via the following unique features:

  • Interviews and stories VIV Qingdao 2020 together with leading industry media focus on successful stories, from an international perspective, and on companies’ projection plans into the future of China animal husbandry, providing extra exposure to all exhibitors via Industry Media Interviews.
  • 20 Years coverage Looking back at the historical moments of VIV in China, the show will re-live the top moments of the industry in the last 20 years by sharing exclusive articles and visuals on all VIV social media platforms and through a special 20-years-in-China column on the official VIV Online portal, virtually bringing these 20 years “back to life”. The best moments will also be presented in a unique video broadcasted before and during the show.
  • Online workshops Extending events from offline to online, VIV Qingdao organizes for the first time in 2020 a variety of online workshops including the VIV Qingdao 2020 online press conference, and other sessions on multiple topics, such as: animal welfare; cage free-egg production; water and waste treatment solutions; opportunities and challenges for export companies during the novel coronavirus situation; Sino-Dutch session; Sino-Danish session; etc.
  • Celebration party & Thanks Award 20 years in China is a true milestone and VIV Qingdao 2020 is excited to celebrate it with a memorable party where international and Chinese participants will experience what 20 years of history in an important market such as China mean in terms of network consolidation. The Thanks Award ceremony will be the highlight of the party and through this awards VIV will be honored to show appreciation to all the Chinese and foreign companies, industry associations, industry media and partners who have contributed to China’s livestock industry development and have supported VIV over the past 20 years in China.

On-site lucky draw to celebrate 20 years of VIV in China, and other activities such as live broadcasting interviews with associations, government reps, main exhibitors, award winners, KOLs, VIV Industry leaders will bring more content to this important edition of VIV Qingdao.

A stronger show concept in 2020 VIV Qingdao is the leading international trade show for pig, poultry, dairy & aquaculture industries which focuses on business, innovation, and technology. Ruminant, aquaculture, swine breeding, slaughtering and processing will be the highlights this year. A stronger concept marks this edition of VIV in China opening on 17-19 September, 2020 in Qingdao. Here is a short glimpse of the elements that have been enhanced or introduced in 2020:
  • Strong worldwide partners VIV works with existing and new industry partners at all levels. In 2020, additional efforts were made to actively engage more than 50 supporting associations such as Rabobank, WPSA, IPC, IEC, GMP+, GDF, NAFTC, DMFC, DPC, NBSO,UKTAG, BPA, DPA, CPICP and over 150 supporting media from China and from all over the world.
  • Qingdao strategic location Shandong province is the center point of China animal husbandry. The Shandong development of pig, poultry, ruminant, aquaculture and other breeding industries ranks first in China; feed output & input value of Shandong province was No.1 in China in 2019. Shandong itself is a prime market for husbandry products.
  • Co-location with Horti ChinaVIV Qingdao is co-located under one roof with other 2 shows: Horti China and Asia Agro Food Expo. Around 1,000 suppliers in agricultural and food production technology and equipment covering “Seeds to plants to Feed to Meat to Food” will showcase at the same time their solutions at the Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition.
  • Intensified buyer and delegation programs The VIV Industry Leaders program, lead marketing program, hosted buyers program and delegates program will bring high-level targeted visitors to the show and stimulate trade and business cooperation with exhibitors. A special focus will be added on: pig farmers, poultry farmers, and feed producer.
  • Free match-making tool VIV Qingdao 2020 provides an online match-making system to all exhibitors and pre-registered visitors, to help the match-making between supply and demand, select profiles, plan face-to-face meetings, and connect with domestic and international partners via VIV Qingdao and VIV worldwide databases. The new system is planned to be launched in Early June.
  • High level forums and professional seminars VIV Qingdao continues and strengthens the organization of strategic conferences such as: International farm and food integration forum 2020 (the 3rd edition); Global livestock epidemic response mechanism and international cooperation forum; The 2nd Global Pig Genetic Improvement Summit- GPGS 2020; Aquatic China 2020; China-International Antibiotic-Free T20 Summit 2020; and many more.

Managing COVID-19 Challenges Although the COVID-19 crisis is still widely impacting the social and economic life in many countries, the pandemic is currently considered under control within China which has already kicked off its recovery phase. Nearly 95% of the companies are back to normal working conditions and some events are already being held within China.

In order to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors, the organizers will take a series of measures onsite at VIV Qingdao 2020. Individual protection devices and sanitary supplies such as facial mask and hand sanitizer will be provided at all information counters. Body temperature check will also be arranged at the show entry area for all attendees. In case of symptoms, professional medical help will be available onsite.

Visitor pre-registration opens in May 2020. Register and join the leading international industry gathering in September 17-19, 2020 in Qingdao. For more information, please visit the official show website www.vivchina.nl.

Booth sales are underway and about 70% of the space has already been booked. Reserve now for your company the best business opportunities at VIV Qingdao 2020.

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